Teaching English as a foreign language

Building language awareness for teaching young learners

In today’s society, disregarding the importance of learning English as a foreign language will certainly leave people from different backgrounds flabbergasted since it is considered the international language used for all sorts of communication around the world. Therefore, training top-notch English teachers to help young students achieve a high level of proficiency in the target language is of paramount importance if we do not want our country to be left behind in a globalized world. However, there are only few English language teachers highly prepared for teaching at the primary level, and as a consequence of this, high school students mostly benefit from formal learning of English instead of acquiring it naturally, as they do not really enjoy high-quality bilingual lessons when they are kids. That is why this book aims to fill the gap in the training that EFL teachers receive during their undergraduate education at the university so that they can become acquainted with teaching and learning techniques, as well as aspects of curriculum and assessment for the early stages of primary school. The idea behind it is to make English language acquisition a reality in the short run so that having bilingual citizens in Chile from an array of different social groups all over the country cannot be considered far-fetched.

Serie: Textos de Apoyo a la Docencia (free eBook)

Lidia Andrea Fuentealba | Sarka Balgová | Evelyn Díaz

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